New collective agreement in Supergas

New collective agreement in Supergas

The Union of Clerical and Public Service Employees (UCAPSE) has signed a wage agreement with Supergas, which provides employees with, among other things, significant wage increases of up to 10%, seniority increases, and grants. The agreement is based on the principle of preferring low-wage earners but leads to a significant improvement in all employees' conditions.

The UCAPSE today signed a new collective agreement with the Supergas company (Elco Group) for a period of three years.

The agreement anchors the rights of all 140 Supergas employees and gives them, among other things, a wage increase of up to 10% for low-wage earners, 9% and 8% for middle-wage workers, and 3% for high-wage workers. Also, an additional 3% will be given to the company's technicians, and their salary will be set at NIS 7,300 as a basic and starting salary.

In addition, the agreement includes additional seniority of 1% for all company employees with eight years of experience, a special grant for all company employees who completed three years of seniority in the amount of NIS 1,500-3,000, and a non-absence grant for service representatives.

Also in the agreement: advanced training allowance in the amount of NIS 328 (which will be considered for the purposes of pension provisions) for each employee who completes the required study hours; Annual paid day off for employees who have children under the age of 15; Participation in summer camps for employees who have children under the age of 10 (for each child separately) and retirement grants of NIS 8,000-15,000 for employees who retire.

The chairman of UCAPSE, Adv. Gil Bar-Tal, said: "I welcome the fact that through cooperation, and despite the Corona crisis, we have finally managed to reach a reasonable and balanced agreement. Thank you to all the partners in the negotiations for the agreement, Adv. Assaf Adar from the UCAPSE, Avigdor Harari, Chairman of the workers' committee, and representatives of the company's management, for their determination and willingness. "

Adv. Assaf Adar, Head of the National Institutions, Government Companies, and Gas Companies Division of the UCAPSE: "I welcome the agreement that has been signed and which shows that the company's employees, who worked day and night in and during the Corona crisis, deserve to receive significant wage increases that will be paid to them under the agreement signed. I would like to congratulate and thank the management of the company who was attentive to the employees' needs throughout the negotiations".

The chairman of the Supergas workers' committee, Avigdor Harari, said: "I believe that this is an excellent agreement that recognizes and respects the work of the company's employees, both routinely and in emergencies. I want to thank the UCAPSE for their close support and, in particular, the UCAPSE chairman, Adv. Gil Bar-Tal, and the division's chairman, Adv. Assaf Adar, for their determination and perseverance throughout the negotiations."

left to right: Gil Bar-Tal, Assaf Adarleft to right: Gil Bar-Tal, Assaf Adar