Organizational Structure

Our Unions and Divisions
The Histadrut is the federation of 28 unions, each with its distinct membership and unique voice. Our members operate under the umbrella of the Histadrut. Together our mission is to safeguard, support, and develop the rights of working people in Israel.

Our Affiliated Unions
The 28 unions that make up the Histadrut include more than 800,000 working people. Our members come from every walk of life and include service, production, and private workers. The workers include Israeli, Palestinian, and migrants, and they are the foundations that build Israel, strengthen its economy, and ensure that development, innovation, and progress are never-ending.


organizational structure

Histadrut Divisions
The Histadrut Divisions advocate for the working people of Israel, develop economic policy and empower affiliated unions.

Organizing and Regional Labor Councils Division is responsible for the organization, logistics, and service to all thirty of the Histadrut regional councils throughout the country.

The Economic Policy Division is responsible for consulting and accompanying unions and workers committees, in the scope of wage negotiations, incentive mechanisms, collective bargaining agreements, and analysis of economic and social policies relevant to workers' rights.

The Trade Union Division since its inception in 2009, the Division has accompanied the organization of hundreds of new unions, from the initial organization stage to the signing of the collective agreement. The Division works in collaboration with the various trade unions to help employees realize the right to organize and to equip them with the tools that will ensure their unions' success.

The Division of Industrial Democracy and Employment Agencies Incorporates several departments: The Department of Employee Inclusion, the Department of Manufacturing Councils, the Department of Employment Agencies, and the Department of Rural and settlement Employment.

The Communication and Advertising Division of the Histadrut is responsible for the Histadrut's advertising, marketing, and communication strategy and formulating its public diplomacy policy. The Division conducts cross-media campaigns, and communication and represents all the Histadrut divisions, unions and districts and advises workers' committees throughout the country. The Division is responsible for the strategy and operation of the Histadrut social media platforms.

The International Relations Division represents the interests of the workers of Israel on a plethora of international platforms. The Division is responsible for building global solidarity for the workers of Israel, formulating bilateral and multilateral relations for mutual learning. It works with international organizations such as ILO, ITUC, ITUC-AP, and TUAC. The Division advises and represents affiliates of the Histadrut at various Global Union Federations.

The Pension, Insurance, and Capital Market Division is responsible for broadening knowledge, understanding, and awareness of pension issues in both trade unions and the public. The Division deals in vast matters of regulation and legislation in the fields of pensions and saving funds with direct or indirect implications for workers 'and pensioners' rights. These issues include signing collective agreements, expanding them by extension orders, unique pension arrangements for persons with disabilities, adapting unique methods to the type of employees, their profession and the nature of their work, early retirement agreements and finding creative solutions to pensioners' pension problems.

Service and Operations Division includes Members' Registry in the absorption and registration, membership fee collection of workers in the Histadrut, and retention of members. The Division is also the logistics and operations arm, which is responsible for the safety and personal well-being of all the Histadrut workers throughout the country. The Division services to all Histadrut workers, as well as to the Histadrut's management, in various areas related to daily life: procurement, construction, security, safety, catering, cleaning, communication, and more.

The Equality Promotion Division established to promote equality between all parts of society and for all groups, regardless of religion, nationality, skin color, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The Division deals with four major issues, along with other and diverse topics related to equality, closing gaps, and workers' rights: 1. Unemployed workers - The Division works for the rights and status of the unemployed, those who lost their jobs for various reasons and consequently lost their rights. 2. Workers with disabilities - The Division works to promote and safeguard the rights of workers and workers with disabilities in the economy, along with the Commissioner for Employment of People with Disabilities in the Histadrut. 3. Recruiting new members of the Histadrut - The Division is working to bring in additional workers and employees to the Histadrut, with emphasis on bringing together workers from small workplaces, to increase its power and strengthen its ability to work and fight for all employees. 4. Strengthening the Histadrut's Districts, especially in areas where disadvantaged populations, such as the Arab localities and the periphery.

The Social-Welfare Division implements the Histadrut's socio-value concept, as the most significant social movement in the country, which places the working person at the center of his activities, with concern and protection of his rights and his income. The Division's activities are dedicated to improving and increasing the individual well-being of workers and members of the Histadrut. The Division flexibility enables it to focus on the evolving reality in Israeli society.

The Histadrut Sports Division operates among workers committees in organized workplaces to conduct an extensive, diverse and enjoyable sporting activity for the body and mind. The purpose of the Division is to encourage employees to engage in sports, foster workers' leisure culture, and increase employee solidarity with the workplace. The activities are carried out through sports associations districts throughout the country in Eilat, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, Rehovot, Hadera, Tiberias, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Herzliya. Sports activities take place throughout the year in various industries and local competitions in the Workplace League.