The Histadrut, sees solidarity as one of the cornerstones of its operations, both in Israel and in the international arena.

In the local arena, the Histadrut doesn't hesitate to direct the unions to hold sanctions and solidarity steps with workers from another sector who are exposed to dismissals or harm to their employment conditions. A notable example was stopping the operation of various government ministries as a sign of solidarity with the Israel Broadcasting Authority employees.

The solidarity is also reflected in the conduct of employees' committees who don't hesitate to publicize letters of support for exercising the right to organize and signing a collective agreement of workers struggling for these rights. A prominent example is the solidarity of various employees' committees who sent letters of support for the struggle of Suny employees to sign a first collective agreement and exercise the right to organize.

In the international arena, the solidarity that the Histadrut grants is manifested in several areas:

Expressing solidarity and support for unions and confederations that governments and private sector companies trample the rights of their workers. The support was expressed in letters of protest and demonstrations. An example can be seen in the solidarity demonstration that was held in front of the Philippine Embassy for the workers and union members in the Philippines who are arrested and jailed by the government. Moreover, a protest letter was sent to the President of the Philippines and the Secretary of Labor and Employment on the trampling of rights and not respecting the employment conventions and standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Solidarity since 1995 for the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) in a unique agreement that is unparalleled in the world, that in its framework 50% of the treatment fees of Palestinian workers employed in Israel are transferred to the PGFTU. Until now, US$32,900,000 has been transferred. This unique agreement enables the latter to assist the thousands of Palestinian workers employed in Israel and, at the same promote the peace process and the fraternity between the Israeli and Palestinian workers, unions, and peoples.

The Histadrut also receives solidarity from international organizations in which it is a member, both in publicizing its achievements and in obtaining a letter of support and publicizing the Histadrut's struggles on social networks and in publications of the ITUC and GUFs, for example, the solidarity from the General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and publicizing on the website of UNI Global Union.